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Havaianas and Bathing Ape launch exclusive collaboration

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Image: courtesy of Havaianas; Havaianas x Bathing Ape

Footwear brand Havaianas is launching an exclusive collection co-designed by streetwear brand A Bathing Ape.

The collection features two Havaianas models, the Tradi Zori, a modern flip-flop inspired by the traditional Japanese zori sandal, and the Top silhouette that have been reimagined with Bape’s signature camouflage print.

Fernanda Romano, Alpargatas chief marketing officer, said in a statement: “Havaianas and Bape have a lot in common — they exist on the streets, they’re versatile to wear, and they’re so ubiquitous that anyone can recognise them instantly.

|Some people only associate closed shoes, especially sneakers, with the fashion we see on the streets, but we want to change that. Streetwear is underpinned by authenticity and comfort and this collab proves we can leverage those attributes to another level.”

Bape added: “With Bape’s signature camouflage, the ABC camo, we want to share Japan’s streetwear culture with the world. Building on our vision ‘Apes Together Strong’, we are excited to join forces with Havaianas and blend our ABC camo with their iconic flip-flops to make the ultimate summer collaboration.”

The Havaianas x Bathing Ape Tradi Zori is available in white and steel grey, priced 90 pounds / 100 euros / 130 US dollars, while the Top comes in three colours pink, navy and green, and priced 50 pounds / 55 euros / 60 US dollars.

All are available online at Havaianas.com and in select retail stores.

Image: courtesy of Havaianas; Havaianas x Bathing Ape
Bathing Ape
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