German supermodel Heidi Klum is sharing her modelling experience with young girls who want to enter the profession. The 31-year-old beauty says that contrary to what most people might think, modelling is not particularly glamorous. It is hard work and can be detrimental to a young girl's self-esteem. As a model you are a commodity, which is not very good for the ego. And if a stunning, successful model like Klum can suffer at the hands of the industry, imagine how it is for young girls who still have to find their way.

Klum also took the opportunity to crush rumours of an upcoming marriage to rock star boyfriend Seal. She pointed out that her marriage to Ric Pipino had been enough to satisfy all her romantic needs. "I was married and I have no regrets, but the good thing is that I have done that. A lot of my girlfriends are still dreaming of the white dress and the beautiful cake. I don't have to fulfil that dream anymore."


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