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Heron Preston unveils first fully 3D printed sneaker with Zellerfeld

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Heron Preston/Zellerfeld

Heron Preston has collaborated with emerging technology company Zellerfeld on his first fully 3D printed sneaker, the Heron01.

The Heron01 is looking to disrupt the footwear industry by introducing a new era of footwear production, as each shoe is made without factories and supply chain, and can also be recycled by Zellerfeld to create material for new shoes.

The collaboration between Heron Preston and Zellerfeld represents a collision of explorative technology, design and fashion, to provide a new perspective on how footwear can be designed, developed and printed through the lens of collaboration and innovation.

“The Heron01 is just the beginning - with additive manufacturing, the potential is unlimited,” said Heron Preston in a statement. “I was able to design and print functional and evolving prototypes in hours - with traditional manufacturing, this would have taken months. I can’t wait to print more shoes and updates.”

The Heron01 has been inspired by the heron bird and features printed scales and textures that can be found on its feet, with sole elements that fuse the impression of a bird claw. It has also been designed with low ankle cutouts that serve ease of entry, while a chunky sole and threading elements hold the designers signature workwear-related and fashion-forward style. Mr Bailey, founder of Concept Kicks, also played a role in shaping the design direction of the shoe.

Heron Preston collaborates with Zellerfeld on a sneaker to change the footwear industry

The sneaker has no seams, stitching, glue, or other weak points, explains Preston and Zellerfeld, and has been printed using varied internal structures that create new levels of fit, cushioning and breathability. The elimination of toxic glues and materials makes the shoe fully recyclable, which Zellerfeld performs in a closed-loop system that turns old shoe material into new shoes.

The Heron01 also states that it has created the “best fitting shoe possible” at no additional cost or time, as each shoe can be printed in standard sizes, as well as be custom fitted to any foot using an iPhone for a foot scan.

Cornelius Schmitt, chief executive at Zellerfeld, added: “Heron is a truly inspirational designer, and 3D printing will allow visionaries like him to reshape footwear for the better.”

The beta launch of the Heron01 sneaker will initially be available exclusively on StockX in three colourways as part of ‘Campaign for a Cause’ benefitting Global March, a charity fighting child labour in supply chains from October 5 to 8. Customers interested in landing a pair of the Heron01 can enter the raffle on StockX for 10 US dollars for a chance to win.

Winners will get exclusive access to Zellerfeld’s beta programme, allowing them to wear the Heron01 made with fully recyclable materials before trading them in, getting them reprinted and updated to a newer version after beta. All upcoming beta programme members will be entitled to one free update in the future, adds Zellerfeld.

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