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How Outterspace is Redefining Luxury for African-Owned Fashion Brands

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Image: Outterspace Integrated Luxury

Africa is home to cultural diversity– the languages, histories, fashion. African fashion especially, is becoming a spectacle in the fashion world with several African-owned fashion brands contributing their uniqueness to the contemporary urban fashion landscapes. One of these brands is Outterspace Integrated Luxury.

True to its passionate and unconventional imaginative roots, Outterspace Integrated Luxury is positioned to become a global voice that enhances the visibility of Africa's thriving luxury fashion industry. In three years of its existence, some of our favourite celebrities and influential figures have taken a liking to the brand’s uniqueness and youthfulness, thus making incredible collectoons from the brand a mainstay in their wardrobe.

Outterspace integrated Luxury encapsulates self expression, comfort, status, sophistication and street credibility. At the helm of its creative thinking is excellence. Therefore, the brand works relentlessly and creatively to appeal to fans of luxury streetwear; fans of high-end premium style and comfort all over the world. Currently, the brand has its origin and stronghold in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and is gradually spreading its branches to the rest of Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Image: Outterspace Integrated Luxury

Unlike most African-owned fashion brands that are often treated as quota purchase (purchases meant to show love and support for Blacks), @Outterspace_Luxury is changing the game with a voice that screams class by bringing their unique design and aesthetic visions to life on bodies across the globe. In doing this, they're not only redefining the perspective on luxury in Africa but also paving the way for African-owned fashion brands of the future to compete with other global brands in the fashion world.

Their incredible designs are statement pieces made for those who aren't afraid to stand out and use their clothes as a means of self-expression. The creative minds behind the brand aim to infuse cosmogenic joy and uncompromising quality into the wardrobe of their consumers through their incredible designs. A look through their collection reveals pieces that exude class and fits into a myriad of situations including Sunday brunch, date nights, picnics, etc etc etc.

Image: Outterspace Integrated Luxury

Overall, Outterspace Integrated Luxury (@Outterspace_Luxury) positions itself as a fashion treasure in the contemporary urban landscape deserving of all attention and fit to compete with global fashion big guns. They aren't only appealing to fans of comfort and sophistication but they also remain a premium, bold yet versatile addition to any wardrobe.

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