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Hublot and Depeche Mode to release a collector's edition of 55 Big Bang watches

By Kristopher Fraser


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English electronic band Depeche Mode has released over 55 singles in their 37 year career. In tribute to this incredible achievement, Swiss watchmaker Hublot has introduced a collection of 55 time pieces of its Big Bang Unico model, all to benefit Hublot and Depeche Mode's partner charity charity: water.

"We are greatly honored and moved by Hublot's support of charity: water with this new collection of watches commemorating all of our singles," said Martin Gore, band member of Depeche Mode.

"Depeche Mode are iconic in the history of contemporary music," said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. "We identify with their passion, stronger now than ever, and with their constantly growing creativity. We are lucky enough to share many values with them, including the commitment to the activities of the charity: water NGO. This new and unique collection of 55 different pieces plays tribute to their incredible career while aptly celebrating our common ground. A new collector's edition grew out of this!"

The limited-edition series was announced at the Hublot boutique in Milan by Guadalupe and Gore.

Each of the watches features, on its dial, a disc that partially shows the image of the record cover it represents. The back of each watch features the entire cover of the single as well as the charity: water logo. These two elements are imprinted on the sapphire of the glass opening onto the famous automatic UNICO movement. Produced by the Hublot manufacture, it provides a power reserve of 72 hours. Each piece will be fitted with a strap in a color specific to each model, completed with cuff straps in the same hue, and rock-and-roll-inspired rubber studs.

Charity: water, based in New York City, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries worldwide. Depeche Mode and Hublot have actively supported charity: water since 2013, with their first partnership bringing safe, clean water to over 30,000 people in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Net proceeds from the sale of the 55 unique pieces will go to charity: water, as part of the larger charity initiative between Depeche Mode, Hublot and charity: water.

Photo: via PR Newswire

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