Humans of Fashion Foundation launches new support platform

Humans of Fashion Foundation, founded by fashion model Kristina Romanova and singer-songwriter and lawyer, Antoniette Costa, has launched a global platform that aims to discuss the prevalence and effects of sexual harassment and assault in the fashion industry, and connect those who have experienced it with support.

Launched in New York ahead of fashion week, the platform is aimed at guiding and connecting individuals in the fashion industry who have experienced sexual harassment, abuse, misconduct and assault with pro bono and subsidised legal professionals, counsellors, and support networks.

Humans of Fashion Foundation was founded with the aim of creating a safer workplace for all professionals in the fashion industry from models and designers to stylists and makeup artists, and their application, which is based around real-time reporting hopes to bring a revolutionary approach to the issue of sexual harassment and assault in the industry, and facilitate an avenue for discussion.

"With recent campaigns such as #metoo and #timesup, social media has become an empowering tool to facilitate a collective voice. Every human deserves to have his or her voice heard. Every human deserves to have his or her rights protected. But not everyone can afford it," said Romanova. "Models and all others come to the bustling global fashion centres from diverse backgrounds, speaking diverse languages with big hopes and open hearts. They deserve good friends who will listen and offer advice if they run into problems."

Costa added: "In addition to the financial burden, not everyone knows how to navigate the system to get the help they need. We want to be the welcoming connection to assure dreams don't end up on the floor like the quick change of clothes before the Runway."

Image: courtesy of Humans of Fashion Foundation - co-founders, Kristina Romanova and Antoniette Costa


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