Illustration - The end of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Extravaganza

Victoria's Secret has a great PR machine and seems to make money out of most of their campaigns. The Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show is one of them, but will it remain interesting to their audience in the years to come?

FashionUnited predicts the show will continue for somewhat more years, based on the earnings it indirectly generates. However, the annual fashion show will likely not exist in it's current format within the next 20 years. With interest declining and costs rising, the show’s earnings from indirect sales will probably equal its costs in 12 years from now. Both costs and revenues will be around 125 million dollars by then, meaning that the last VS Runway show will be approximately 2030 (35th anniversary).


2015 VS show costs: 67 million

2015 VS show earnings: 321 million

Total Costs of 20 years of VS shows: 1,040 million

Total VS show earnings for 20 years: 5,320 million

Yearly Angel costs: 50 million

Angel costs for 20 years: 632 million

First VS Runway show: 1996

Last VS Runway show: 2030 (35th anniversary)

This is the complete in depth article: 'Victoria's Secret annual fashion show: Enjoy it while it lasts'.

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Credit illustration: Studio Iva (IGM: studio_iva)


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