In Pictures: Farfetch reveals 3 new initiatives at FarfetchOS

London - Farfetch, online luxury shopping platform, has unveiled its Store of The Future (SOF) at its debut conference FarfetchOS, in the Design Museum in London today.

The inaugural event, which sees Farfetch working with Huawei, was created to drive change, encourage innovation and revolutionise the future of luxury fashion using technology. "As global leaders in our respective fields it is only fitting that we come together to explore the possibilities that can be created when we connect with consumers in a more meaningful way," said Walter Ji, President Huawei Consumer Business Group, Western Europe, in a statement. "We are proud to be partnering with Farfetch on this event and are excited about the new possibilities it will create."

In Pictures: Farfetch reveals 3 new initiatives at FarfetchOS

Farfetch reveals Store of the Future at inaugural event

FarfetchOS also aims to merge the bridge between technology and fashion and enable retailers to use data to strengthen their businesses and connections with consumers. In addition to the event's conference, which includes a panel discussion of industry experts this afternoon, Farfetch is set to reveal three major initiatives to help revolutionise the future of retail. The first one is its beta version of the 'Store of The Future' (SOF). The second one is an exclusive partnership with Gucci for its 'Store to Door in 90 Minutes' delivery service and the final initiative is a luxury customisation with footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood.

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In Pictures: Farfetch reveals 3 new initiatives at FarfetchOS

The first new initiative is FarFetch's Store of The Future. It is seen as the retailer first foray into augmented retail and aims to bring together the online and offline worlds. The beta SOF uses data to enhance the customer shopping journey and to drive personalised customer experiences. In the future, Farfetch aims to use SOF as a platform, where each technology solution will be tailored to each brand, city and store, to create the ultimate retail experience. The beta Store of The Future unveiled at FarfetchOS aims to show how technology can seamlessly be woven into customers shopping experience to offer a significant competitive edge to brands and retailers.

In Pictures: Farfetch reveals 3 new initiatives at FarfetchOS

The SOF beta presentation comes ahead of the launch of the SOF store in Browns and Thom Browne flagship store in New York. "Thom Browne’s success is founded on outstanding customer service as much as on impeccable product quality," said Rodrigo Bazan, Thom Browne CEO on the upcoming launch. "As we open stores in key capitals around the world and develop a strong direct-to-consumer, omni-channel business, we believe the connected store to be a great opportunity to enhance our in-store customer experience. We are very excited to have been chosen by Farfetch, and look forward to starting the global roll out of this new service from the New York store."

Farfetch partners with Gucci and Nicholas Kirkwood to enhance customers retail experience

The second initiative see Farfetch sign an exclusive partnership with Gucci, which lets customers shop a range of Gucci items via the Farfetch app and website with 90 minute delivery time. Named 'Store to Door in 90 Minutes', the service fulfills orders directly from select Gucci stores in 10 select global cities across 4 continents. "Known for their cutting edge fashion, retail excellence and ability to anticipate customer needs, Gucci is the perfect partner to launch this service with," said José Neves, CEO and founder of Farfetch. "Time is the new luxury and one that we all want more of. At Farfetch we want to give that luxury back to our customers by making as many delivery options available as possible. If you need just the right dress or pair of shoes for dinner that night, we can make sure you have it wherever you are."

In Pictures: Farfetch reveals 3 new initiatives at FarfetchOS

Lastly, Farfetch has partnered with technology firm Platfome and footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood to offers customers the opportunity to customise the brand’s signature Beya loafers and mules. Customers are able to choose from thousands of combinations using different leathers and colours. “'Innovation is always what drives my design, I like to work with the latest techniques and technologies and use them to create and produce something new," said Nicholas Kirkwood, luxury footwear designer. "Beya Bespoke uses the latest in 3D graphic technology to enable customers to design and personalise their shoes. This is the first time customers are able to fully customise a luxury shoe, by choosing their combinations of leathers, suedes and exotics, and add details such as stitch colour and metal monograming, then have it made for them by hand in Italy.

"Beya Bespoke offers our clients a chance to be completely creative and make something that’s unique and totally personal to them.” FarfetchOS is set to continue this afternoon with panel discussions and lectures from industry experts, such as Claudia D’Arpizio and Federica Levato, both partners at Bain & Company, who will present new research on the fashion of the future.

Photos Courtesy of Farfetch


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