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Inditex and Industriall pledge to support suppliers during Covid-19

By Andrea Byrne

6 Aug 2020

Inditex, owner of Zara and seven other large fashion retailers, has committed to maintaining workers’ rights through its supply chains and through the stability of payments.

Together with the Industriall Global Union, a representative of 50 million workers in the garment industry, the pair have issued a joint pledge to reaffirm their commitments to help the garment industry recover against a backdrop of uncertainty amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The two global garment giants have a long-standing partnership which began in 2007 after signing a global framework agreement. It was then renewed in 2019.

The pledge commits to ensuring the respect of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights along the company's supply chain; enhancing Inditex’s commitment to stable payment terms; promoting interaction with information, consultation and negotiation at all levels; and ensuring health and safety standards are met.

Inditex executive chairman Pablo Isla said in a statement: “Our priority through this crisis has been and continues to be the health and safety of our people, the workers in our supply chain and our customers.

“Our longstanding and fruitful work with Industriall for over 13 years makes our framework agreement a strong tool to keep working to protect and promote workers’ rights and well- being, while supporting the global garment industry during these unprecedented times.”

Industriall Global Union general secretary Valter Sanches added: “The Covid-19 pandemic caused a crisis in the textile and garment industry that led unions to experience mass job losses, unsafe working conditions and attacks on workers’ rights. Many of our members saw their livelihoods collapse entirely.

“The manufacturing suppliers need stability and predictability so that employment and income can be preserved. That’s what this commitment entails. We are working together to help the industry to develop the resilience to recover from the crisis, saving jobs and preserving the rights and income of workers.”

Photo credit: Inditex media room