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Indochino launches a line of customizable sleepwear

By Robyn Turk

1 Apr 2019

Indochino is trying its made-to-measure business model out on sleepwear. The brand has specialized in men's custom apparel since its launch in 2007, mainly focusing on suiting and shirts before turning its head towards casual wear quite recently

Its new line of men's custom sleepwear allows shoppers to select features and details including notch or rounded lapels, buttons, pockets, cuffs and/or piping to their pajamas. The inaugural collection, which has launched this week, takes inspiration from the designs of the brand's jacket linings. The varieties within the range incorporate patterns and colorways such as Indochino's Navy Polka Dots or Floral Burgundy.

"Since we expanded beyond suiting into custom casual wear, we've been inundated with great new product suggestions from excited customers," explained Indochino's chief revenue officer, Peter Housley, in a statement.

"The one that resonated with us most was, of course, PJs. Our expansive range of bright and bold linings is an opportunity for customers to show some extra flair."