Infographic - all H&M designer collaborations

It has been over a decade since Karl Lagerfeld’s collection debuted at H&M, and the Balmain for Swedish giant collection will hit stores tomorrow.

H&M is one of the first retailers to foray into designer (and style icon) collaborations. Designers had a variety of different strategic motivations for collaborating with H&M. Some were seeking wider global publicity and for Stella McCartney the collaboration provided the opportunity to spread her ethical views to a wide consumer audience and resulted in H&M substantially exceeding its commitment to using organic cotton. For one thing, a collaboration with H&M can offer a quick cash injection today; designers have reportedly been paid million dollar and up for their services.

We present you with an overview of all the H&M designer collaborations (from most old until most recent). Scroll down to revisit the stats and facts.

Infographic - all H&M designer collaborations

Credit infographic:Stylight


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