Premium denim brand Denham has seen its fair share of changes recently: it’s changed hands to new Chinese owners, Trendy China Group Co. Ltd., and has moved its headquarters from the heritage canal house in the center of Amsterdam, to the shipyard-turned-creative-hub of NDSM. Already boasting its own bar, large showroom spaces and an expansive archive of vintage items, the Denham HQ is an impressive office space. With future plans to create its own gym, custom shooting studio and laboratory for new retail strategies, this new space is brimming with possibilities.

Take a peek inside with this virtual tour FashionUnited has created.

Last week Denham the Jeanmaker announced that it had been taken over by the Trendy China Group Co. Ltd., which has taken a majority stake in the denim brand. Founder and CEO Jason Denham remains a shareholder in the company, according to the brand.

Photo credit: Philip Jintes | Phenster


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