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Invista and Garmon debut knit denim concept

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Lycra brand owners Invista has teamed up with Garmon, a leading denim finishing house, to debut a collection of knit denim concept garments.

Unveiled at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, the collection integrates fabrics made with Invista’s Lycra Hybrid technology together with Garmon’s latest finishing techniques including chemical formulations assessed using GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, which allows companies to transparently assess, compare and communicate information on chemical toxicity.

Invista global segment director for denim, Jean Hegedus said: “We are very excited to demonstrate the finishing options available with Lycra Hybrid technology. Knit denim, while growing, is still at the early stages of development, and it’s important to understand best practices for wet and dry processing. Given Garmon’s unique chemical processes and Italian inspired design, we felt they would be the perfect company to help us with this initiative.”

The collaboration is possible through the introduction of Invista’s Lycra Hybrid technology, which enables mills to create denim fabrics that combine the comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics and performance typically found in woven denim.

Garmon Chemicals chief marketing officer, Alberto De Conti, added: “We are seeing a growing consumer desire for casual apparel that incorporates both performance attributes and environmentally sound manufacturing practices. The combination of knit denim containing Lycra Hybrid technology and garment finishes using GreenScreen assessed chemical auxiliaries sparks unique product attributes, as well as design and quality excellence.”

In addition to displaying the Lycra Hybrid concept collection at Kingpins, Invista also debut two new warming technologies under the Thermolite Pro brand, and feature the latest commercial fabrics with the Lycra Beauty brand and LYCRAdualFX technology.

Image: Invista

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