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Invista launches Lycra bra fabric finder

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Invista has unveiled a new Lycra tool that will help casual bra designers to select the most optimal fabric to deliver improved garment performance.

The Lycra Bra Fabric Finder tool has been developed in response to what it calls the current “casualisation of the bra market”, which has included a shift towards casual bras including wire-free bras, sports bra, bralette or bandeau.

While garment design and construction remains important to bra quality and performance, Invista says fabric selection is critical when it comes to deconstructed, casual bras and this tool will help designers to easily identify the best fabric construction and help add functionality to any casual bra collection.

"Today, women want to be the best they can be and they're tired of having to sacrifice support and shape for comfort, they want it all," said Melissa Minihan, vice president of marketing, Intimate Apparel, at Invista. "Casual bras are not a fad that will die out. Their widespread, global appeal represents a style evolution, and the Lycra Bra Fabric Finder will make it easier than ever before for brands to meet this growing demand and gain market share."

The Lycra Bra Fabric Finder tool works by identifying the desired comfort and support level they needed, for instance, active fabrics are meant for high support and medium comfort, such as for light physical activities such as yoga, while everyday fabrics grant a mix between comfort and support, perfect for all-day, and leisure fabrics provide high comfort and medium support, great for wearing at home. Then the finder will choose the shaping type, from ‘natural shaping’ for a softer, truer silhouette to ‘power shaping’ for more defined curves.

Designers will then be able to select the appropriate certified fabric to meet their needs, which Invista adds has gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets the predetermined parameters of each IP-protected index.

Images: courtesy of Invista

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