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Invista to relaunch Coolmax and Thermolite

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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London - Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres, is to relaunch its Coolmax and Thermolite brands in early 2016, in an attempt to establish a new brand position for them both.

The campaign, Embrace the Elements, will highlight the new brand positioning for Coolmax and Thermolite, which includes a new contemporary look and feel with new logos, hangtags, websites, and simplified brand architecture, according to the brand’s press statement.

“This new campaign is driven by consumer insights gained through in-depth research starting two years ago,” explains Dave Trerotola, president of Invista Apparel and Advanced Textiles. “We saw the opportunity to further reinforce the unique benefits of two of our most established brands.”

The relaunch campaign centres on the notion of “welcoming your surroundings, without fighting the elements,” Invista explained, whether that is the heat of the gym or the cold of the outdoors.

Trerotola added: “Coolmax and Thermolite enable you to explore your own limits, giving you that added comfort to help you optimise your performance.”

Apparel fibres Coolmax and Thermolite relaunching in 2016

The brands two leading fibres, which are used within the company’s apparel and non-apparel segments, will be promoted through a print campaign, which consists of a wide range of active shots, showing consumers embracing various elements, and the trade ads will include links to revamped B2B websites for both brands, providing product information and technology stories with the aim of delivering further value to its customers.

In addition, the branding architecture has also been streamlined with four sub-brands, Coolmax, Coolmax Pro, Thermolite and Thermolite Pro, with the addition of the Pro designation aims to represent Invista’s advanced innovation in moisture management and warming technology.

To complement those sub-brands, Invista is also launching Thermolite Infrared Technology, which uses solar technology to warm up fabrics.

Invista’s global segment leader for activewear and outdoor, Huw Williams said: “We are excited to bring this warming technology to market. This innovation will be the first new technology to be introduced under our campaign.

“Our unique approach to fibre technology provides a new compelling benefit to consumers.”

Coolmax and Thermolite are set to relaunch in early 2016. Other brands in the Invista portfolio include Lycra, Polarguard, Solarmax, Supplex, and Tactel.

Image: Invista