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Isabella Oliver launches rental programme

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Premium maternity brand Isabella Oliver has launched a new rental programme as part of its mission to become more circular and increase the longevity of maternity clothing.

The initiative, which plans to radically change the maternity sector, aims to cater to a “growing number of pregnant women who want to purchase just a few key items and rent the rest”.

The idea of renting maternity wear is to encourage customers to "go greener and eliminate the effects of fast fashion,” explains the brand, as maternity wear has such a short lifespan, as maternity clothing is worn on average from 16 weeks into the pregnancy, until five weeks after giving birth, meaning maternity wear is often considered ‘throwaway fashion’.

Isabella Oliver is offering its customers the option to rent clothing including partywear and key pregnancy essentials for a period of two weeks, before returning free of charge, and the brand even takes care of the dry cleaning. Customers also have the option to buy the product outright.

Rental prices range from 16 pounds for a ruched T-shirt maternity dress to 50 pounds for a sequin evening dress. Sizes range from UK 4-18.

Co-founder and chief executive of Isabella Oliver, Geoff van Sonsbeeck said in a statement: “We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of clothing. Rental is just one of the ways in which we are developing a circular textile economy, eliminating the need for fast fashion and therefore reducing garments going to landfill.”

Isabella Oliver radically changing maternity sector with rental scheme

The rental scheme is part of the maternity brands ‘Recommerce’ initiative, seeking more sustainable processes and ultimately prolonging the lifecycle of pre-owned garments. It follows on from the success of Isabella Oliver’s Pre-Loved clothing donation scheme, championing second-hand clothing by encouraging former customers to donate their pre-owned maternity wear to either be repurposed, re-loved or recycled.

The maternity donation scheme launched in November 2019 in response to addressing fashion waste by offering a new “buy less, care more” ethos and initiative.

Van Sonsbeeck added: “We want our customers to rethink the way they shop, by renting clothes and reducing waste, making rental the right choice.”

The Isabella Oliver Rental Programme is currently available in the UK only.

Founded in 2003, Isabella Oliver has dressed more than one million pregnant women around the world, including numerous celebrities from Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson to Beyonce.

Images: courtesy of Isabella Oliver

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