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Item of the week: the denim coat

By Rachel Douglass

24 Nov 2021


(From left) Image: Levi's, Thalé Blanc, Madewell

What it is:

A denim update on the classic trench is the perfect way to describe this item of the week. Available in many forms, whether fitted or in a more a-line silhouette, the denim coat is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, as it can perform as both a statement piece or a daily throw on. It makes a regular appearance on international runways, as designers use it as a means to experiment and restructure, making it an item that transcends seasons and continues to evolve over time. Many brands have taken the item on, sculpting it in their own identities so that one style is rarely seen twice.

Image: Madewell

Why you’ll want it:

Like denim jeans, a denim coat can be appealing to a broad customer group. Its often simplistic style can be dressed up or down, making it an option for both style-conscious clients or those on the safer side. However, though simplistic, the denim coat has the ability to emerge in varying designs, allowing it to be an item that can adapt to diverse consumer tastes and define an individual’s personal style. The material also enables it to remain relevant throughout every season. For summer, it’s the perfect coat to tag along for the cooler nights or you can pack on the underlayers to keep the winter weather out. As denim is usually a durable substance, a coat from the material is something that has the potential to last a lifetime, making it a valuable purchase for shoppers that will continue to keep them satisfied as they move from season to season.

Image: Michael Kors

Where we’ve seen it:

Available in a broad range of styles, the denim coat has been seen across a fairly wide spectrum of the fashion world, but never looks the same wherever it appears. MM6 Maison Margiela has been responsible for many different iterations of the coat: some long and floor-sweeping, others in a boxy fit and reversible. London-based designer Rejina Pyo proposed a head-to-toe denim look during her SS22 show, featuring a 70’s style, fitted denim coat, belted and structured in a form-fitting manner. Loewe, on the other hand, presented the style in a vastly different way. For the same season, Jonathan Anderson displayed the coat in an oversized, deconstructed frame fashioned using an acid wash effect. The alternative look differed from that of GmbH’s offering, with the luxury house exhibiting a typical trench style, complete with oversized lapels, as part of an all denim menswear look.

Image: Thalé Blanc

How to style it:

A denim coat is a statement piece in itself, having the potential to generate a striking appearance for anyone who sports it. To keep it uncomplicated, the coat can be paired with jeans in a contrasting denim and a simple t-shirt, for a daily outfit for any occasion. If a customer is slightly more audacious, a denim-on-denim look could be the option, again with jeans but this time paired with a cropped denim top. Both long and short dresses will also suit the style, depending on the length of the jacket. If the piece is on the longer side, try a flowing midi dress complete with heeled ankle boots. For shorter coats, a dress sitting above the knee is preferred, with which a pair of tights, a layered sweater and lace-up boots can provide a bit of warmth for the colder season.

Image: Dorothee Schumacher

Ultimately, the denim coat is an item that has grown to be loved, making it a staple in stores and wardrobes as it continues to remain relevant as time goes on. The broad range of styles available allows for it to adapt to different fashion tastes, or simplified versions can appeal to a larger customer base. The long-lasting material and seasonless availability enable it to exist beyond traditional fashion terms, making it a valuable purchase for both the consumer and the store.

Image: Kings of Indigo

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