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Item of the week: the fringe hemline

By Rachel Douglass



(From left) Image: A Line, Na-kd, Karl Lagerfeld

What it is:

A fringe, or tasselled, hemline can be sported on just about any garment, from tops and blouses to skirts and dresses. The technique usually refers to loose fibres around a hemline, which have been tied or cut into separate strands to bring a bit more life and a new silhouette to a standard item, offering somewhat of a unique texture and shape to mix them up. While commonly seen on clothing made for a beach set up, the SS23 season has seen the feature applied to a wider range of wardrobe essentials, bringing the tassel hemline into everything from daily wear to evening gowns.

Image: StormyWeather Designs

Why you’ll want it:

Fringe hemlines vary in style, allowing for the clothing technique to be appealing to a wider customer base, depending on how daring they wish to be in their outfit choices. The look is particularly popular for spring and summer seasons, as it typically comes in cooler, loose fitting pieces, made to be worn without underlayers. Additionally, its place on SS23 runways has seen it take on many forms, giving the technique a firm spot in the limelight for the upcoming period. Thicker fringing was a prominent iteration of the trend for this season, and was used especially among knitwear and crocheted looks.

Image: Desigual

Where we’ve seen it:

Many independent or smaller luxury labels took on the fringe hemline for SS23, including the likes of Ukraine’s Bevza, which used the style for flowing capes, and Bronx & Banco, where fully crocheted gowns were finished off using the technique. Puppets and Puppets played with the look in thick knitted skirts, rounded out with chunky hems, macramé tops, featuring floor sweeping lengths, and sparkly dresses that gave off the appearance of slowly dissolving away. In terms of big name designers, Jil Sander also experimented with extreme, chunky tasselling, while Proenza Schouler took a more subtle approach to the intricate style.

Image: A Line

How to style it:

Many pieces that feature a fringe hemline do so with the intention of being worn alone, making them suitable for warmer weathers and beach days out. In this case, they are best paired with subtle accessories and casual shoes, which closely fit with the summer season ahead. For fringed tops, add a pair of loose fitting trousers that contrast the shape, or keep it clean with figure-hugging pants, elevating the style for both day and night. The pieces can further be experimented with through the use of layering, with oversized garments being a particularly good choice when creating depth.

Image: Barts

Ultimately, the fringe hemline is a dynamic technique that provides both a unique standalone wardrobe option and a fascinating layering piece for experimentation. The style is typically popular among summer items, offering shoppers a different take on cool, contemporary styles for the warmer season.

Image: Madewell

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