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Item of the week: the men's overall

By Rachel Douglass


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(From left) Image: Karl Lagerfeld, Studio Eva D, Woolrich

What it is:

Likely popularised by singer Harry Styles, who often sports sequin-clad iterations where he can, the men’s overall is a popular look for the AW23 season, sported on multiple runways and celebrities as a statement, stand-alone piece. Its appearance has come in many forms, from boilersuits and dungarees, to more feminine jumpsuits, ensuring that despite it being quite a daring item, it could still appeal to a wider audience. It was particularly prominent among skiwear collections, a category many designer brands are beginning to explore as a new potential market.
Image: Oneskee

Why you’ll want it:

The overall can be linked to an array of clothing categories, seeing it appear in a multitude of forms and therefore be linked to nearly any target group. This includes the likes of workwear, skiwear and, more simply, casual clothing, giving it a variety of purposes for different consumers. In recent months it has also been heavily linked to pop culture figures, popularised by public personalities that have adopted the style into their own whimsical aesthetics. This shift could encourage the everyday buyer to also take on the daring item in their own form, if they ever feel like stepping out of their comfort zone.
Image: Levi's

Where we’ve seen it:

Speaking of skiwear, Giorgio Armani was among those taking on this new category, offering up a range of ski overalls in contrasting red and black colour schemes. The looks were complete with tactical pockets and elevated logo branding, as seen on adjustable straps. Etro, on the other hand, presented a more elevated take on overalls, with a striped one piece that featured detailed embroidery and sharp details. In a further contrast, Gucci displayed a strikingly oversized boilersuit in bright yellow, a material that gave off an apocalyptic feel.
Image: Madewell

How to style it:

As an overall, this item is really a standalone look, meant to be a statement that speaks for itself. However, there are ways in which you can elevate the style, incorporating the use of accessories to bring it to life and tie the outfit together. The look particularly works well with lace up ankle boots, which the piece can either be tucked into or left loose, both methods giving off different vibes. In a more casual stance, sneakers can also work, especially when you want to opt for daily wear.
Image: Moschino
The overall is a versatile piece, fitting into multiple categories and therefore having the potential to reach a wide consumer audience. For AW23, it has expanded out of womenswear to also become a significant menswear item, bringing men a statement wardrobe addition.
Image: Carhartt

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