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Jakke launches artist collaboration for autumn/winter 2021

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Image: courtesy of Jakke

London-based sustainable faux fur brand Jakke has launched an artist collaboration with Astrid Wilson, Kit Agar and Simone Brewster for autumn/winter 2021.

Each of the artists has brought their “unique outlook and style” to Jakke’s popular ‘Rita’ faux fur jacket to create three bold prints to highlight the worlds of art and fashion, all within the sustainable, climate-conscious model that Jakke has built its name on.

Swedish illustrator and creative Astrid Wilson went for a fun and colourful floral design, while Brussel-based artist Kit Agar showcased her penchant for neutrals and geometric shapes in a calm palette, and London-based sculptor, artist and architectural designer Simone Brewster opted for a minimalist linear design.

Nina Hopkins, creative director of Jakke, said in a statement: “My formative years were shaped by both my father’s love of conceptual art and my mother’s passion for sewing, their relationship and the melding of their passions has been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

“As a result, the interwoven relationship between art and fashion is something I’ve wanted to explore with Jakke since the brand’s inception. I am thrilled to announce the launch of this collaboration between Jakke and Astrid Wilson, Kit Agar and Simone Brewster; three female contemporary artists who are captivating their communities with their unique and ground-breaking work.”

The limited-edition Jakke Artist Collection is available online at jakke.co.uk and select styles will be available at Harvey Nichols.

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