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Jasmyne Spencer releases collection for Hurricane Ida relief

By Rosalie Wessel

3 Dec 2021


Image: Pexels

Houston Dash forward, Jasmyne Spencer, has released a collection of clothing called Gone by 2050, in order to raise funds for people affected by Hurricane Ida.

The sustainable collection includes graphic tees designs by artist Shade Pratt, sweatpants and hoodies, which come in four different colours. 10 percent of the proceeds will go to SBP-USA, an organisation focused on investing in resilient communities and disaster recovery.

Spencer’s company, Jas It Up, has released collections to raise environmental awareness, and aims to inspire people to lead more eco conscious lives. A Black woman owned business, Spencer has also used her brand to motivate others to lead more socially aware lives.

“Through Jas It Up, I’m able to fully express my love for people and the planet,” said Spencer. “Coastal communities are at the greatest risk for the devastation that comes with climate change. Houston has welcomed me with open arms and I’m excited to do my part to build and give back to the communities near and dear to my heart.”

The collection has been in the works now for over a year, eventually launching during the COP26 climate change conference last month.

Spencer, whose philanthropy has ranged from providing soccer mentorship clinics for young people, to donating handmade face masks to the International Rescue Committee for refugees, said that “This is more than a collection, but a call to action.”

Jasmyne Spencer