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Jeremy Scott collaborates with furniture brand Lovesac

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Lovesac

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott has unveiled a limited-edition collaboration with the Lovesac Company, the home furnishing brand known for its Sacs, billed as the world’s most comfortable seat.

Scott, who has his own namesake label and is the creative director of Moschino, has designed an exclusive Sac cover inspired by his upbringing, with a premium patchwork design inspired by his family tradition of exchanging hand-sewn quilts.

“There are stories, emotions, and memories inside each and every patchwork design,” explains Jeremy Scott in a statement. “This design pays homage to the quilted designs of the past, showing how pieces can be repurposed to create something useful and beautiful, while also bringing warmth, comfort, and style to living rooms across America.”

Image: courtesy of Lovesac

Scott known for taking fragments of pop culture and reinventing them into something unique has married the aesthetics of traditional quilting with the functionality, cosiness, and comfort of modern seating with a Sac cover made from sustainably sourced cotton.

Each Lovesac SuperSac Jeremy Scott cover, priced 1,000 US dollars, has been cut and sewn from the same roll of custom-made 100 percent quilted cotton. This means every seam is unique and no two covers are exactly the same. Each cover also comes in a signature, Lovesac x Jeremy Scott quilted envelope bag.

Image: courtesy of Lovesac

Lovesac founder and chief executive Shawn Nelson, added: “We’re beyond excited that Jeremy designed this incredible Sac Cover for us. This is our first foray into the high-fashion space, and Jeremy is the perfect partner because our design philosophies are so compatible. We believe in taking a sustainable approach to creating products, and Jeremy really dialled that up with his beautiful patchwork design.

“We’re seeing it more and more, Sacs being used in main living areas as the accent piece that ties the room together, and this Sac Cover is perfect for those looking to be both bold and cozy with their space.”

Image: courtesy of Lovesac
Jeremy Scott