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Jerry Lorenzo continues partnership with Adidas in upcoming Fear of God Athletics collaboration

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Image: Fear of God x Selfridges

Adidas has confirmed that its highly anticipated upcoming collaboration with Fear of God will launch in the second half of 2023.

CEO Bjørn Gulden, who used to helm rival Puma before joining Adidas at the beginning of the year, confirmed the late 2023 date in a press call Friday, the Business of Fashion reports.

Fear of God, a Los Angeles-based streetwear label, will be launching an Athletics line under Adidas.

Founder and Creative Director Jerry Lorenzo previously previewed some of the pieces in his recent debut runway for Fear of God at the Hollywood Bowl in April. There has already been a website set up for the collab, which shows visitors a QR code which leads them to the Adidas Confirmed app for updates.

In addition to a new Fear of God Athletics tab listed on the brand’s website, Fear of God has also been teasing images of the collaboration on its Instagram pages. So far, the page has teased black-and-white images of footwear, shoulder-strap bags, and dual logo outerwear.

“With the intent to maximise the opportunity with Fear of God Athletics, this unobstructed focal point, will provide Fear of God and Adidas the necessary capacity to deliver against an uncompromised and unparalleled performance vision that is set to transcend both sport and fashion,” writes the brand on its Instagram.

According to Gulden, the line will feature lifestyle apparel and sneakers, and is expected to “commercially be a game-changer for Adidas by 2024.” As Lorenzo serves as the Global Head of Adidas Basketball, the collection will also include basketball footwear to be worn by certain Adidas-affiliated NBA athletes.

Though losing 448 million dollars according to the brand’s Q1 2023 results after cutting ties with Kanye West—effectively closing the Adidas Yeezy line—the Fear of God Athletics collaboration will not be posed as a direct replacement. Back in February, Gulden told the Business of Fashion “that there is no other Yeezy business out there in the market.”

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