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K-DEER promotes social causes through activewear lines

By Justine Browning


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Getting the most from a workout session is dependent, in part, on comfort. That’s why yoga enthusiast Kristine Deer decided to create an activewear brand offering pieces that are both practical and stylish.

The fast-growing K-DEER aims to unite women while promoting social causes ranging from body positivity to mental wellness. Each look is not only sustainable but manufactured locally in New Jersey, their home base.

“The first few years of building K-DEER was about connecting to the yoga community and providing a style for hot yoga that flattered, comforted and solved the issues other brands were not addressing,” Deer tells Fashion United. “The fabric, fit, performance and washability were among the most important elements to address and we additionally focus on environmental impact, size and social inclusivity as well as giving back financially to communities and causes in need.”

K-DEER frequently launches collections in which a portion of the proceeds are directed to a social cause. Some pieces feature a signature stripe that is meant to highlight a specific movement or inspiring individual. The brand has joined forces with 15 non-profit and national organizations and is on its way to reaching their goal of 150,000 USD in total donations since 2016.

“As the collection grew and we designed more Signature Stripes, we began naming each one after inspiring women in my life and told their story,” she shares. “Each stripe identifies a cause that is important to its namesake and raises awareness and funds for an organization in need.”

Deer has even shared her own journey to mental wellness through one of the designs, with the launch of the Molly Stripe this past spring, after her middle name.

“After years of feeling self-conscious and stigma for my diagnosis, I shared my story about dealing with major depression and anxiety,” she shares. “I discuss my participation in therapy, the need for medication and the ongoing effort I put into my mental health through exercise, socialization and self-care habits.”

She adds, “I hope my personal journey through mental illness offers perspective to others and helps normalize the diagnosis, treatment and conversation so more people are inspired to seek the help they need.”

K-DEER items can be purchased on www.k-deer.com.

Photo Credit: K-DEER