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Kappahl celebrates sustainability milestone with autumn denim ranges

By Huw Hughes



Swedish fashion retailer Kappahl has announced that with the launch of its autumn collections it has achieved its 2020 target of manufacturing 100 percent of its denim range “in more sustainable fabrics and using more sustainable production processes.”

The “key milestone” means all denim in the new collections is produced using less water, energy and chemicals, according to the company.

“It feels fantastic to know that we are meeting the high bar that we’ve set for KappAhl and that our Responsible Fashion sustainability strategy really is making a difference,” Kappahl’s head of sustainability Fredrika Klarén said in a statement. “Making the production of denim more sustainable will lead to significant resource savings and is a cornerstone to building a more sustainable wardrobe.”

Another 2020 target for the retailer is to ensure all the cotton it uses is more sustainably sourced. The company said in a release: “This issue is high priority for the fashion chain since cotton is one of the most important raw materials. Cotton is popular and in great demand. However, its production is highly consumptive of water, fertilisers and pesticides, and intensive farming depletes the soil and poses health risks to the growers. It is essential to switch to organic farming or other more sustainable practices in order to tackle these issues.”

Photo courtesy of Kappahl

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