Karl Lagerfeld retrospective opens at Galerie Gmurzynska

As the fashion industry continues to mourn the death of one of the most famous and beloved designers in the world, Karl Lagerfeld, the genius behind Chanel and Fendi, the world of art and photography is paying their homage to him as well. Zürich-based Galerie Gmurzynska, which has showcased Lagerfeld's art for over two decades, has opened a new retrospective dedicated to the designer's photography. In addition to his amazing design talents, Lagerfeld was also an acclaimed fashion photographer.

Karl Lagerfeld retrospective opens at Galerie Gmurzynska

The new retrospective is titled "Homage to Karl Lagerfeld, 30 Years of Photography", and will be open through May. The exhibit features a total of 50 works from Karl Lagerfeld. The designer first showcased his photography at the Galerie Gmurzynska in 1996.

Karl Lagerfeld retrospective opens at Galerie Gmurzynska

"Since our first exhibition in 1996, Karl has continuously and fearlessly explored the avant-garde of photographic processes; combining his compositional eye with his keen interest in the lost histories of the medium," Galerie Gmurzynska said in a statement. "His deep knowledge of art history has always been clearly illustrated in fresh ways throughout his œuvre, while creating his own unique processes that will continue their influence on photography and art in general."

photos: Galerie Gmurzynska

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