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Karlie Kloss launches immersive Roblox world Fashion Klosette

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: Fashion Klosette by Karlie Kloss.

Supermodel and tech enthusiast Karlie Kloss launched Fashion Klosette, an immersive extension to the online game Roblox, allowing users to design and present their own outfits to other players in order to work their way up in the virtual fashion industry.

Features include humanoid avatars, updated graphics, customisable 3D layered clothing and a styling studio, which is the first of its kind according to the press release, giving users the opportunity to customise the avatar’s physical features, its makeup, clothing and accessories. Creative mini campaigns can be set up where users can view and vote on each other’s looks as well as complete quests and shop their own selection of fashion items.

The model first worked with Roblox when she released her initial Fashion Klosette Designer showcase and collaborated with one creator on a metaverse version of a dress she wore on the runway before, which rose as a top selling item.

For this project she united the software company Copper, developer studio Sawhorse and experts as well as digital fashion designers from Roblox.

The platform enables its over 67 million daily members to express themselves virtually through clothing and accessories. Two in five Gen Z users say that this is even more important online than offline. According to Roblox, monthly avatar updates are done by 40 percent of the users and daily updates by 18 percent.

The extension through Fashion Klosette marks the premiere of a fashion space on Roblox.

Kloss calls herself a tech entrepreneur. She shows interest in the developments of the digital fashion industry and wants to make it “more diverse and accessible for young talent by creating a one-stop shop for fashion design, styling, and curation in the metaverse”. She also set up a free two-week summer camp called Kode with Klossy in 2015, where girls of the ages 13 to 18 can learn about the fundamentals of coding.

She shared in the release: “Digital fashion is transforming how people design, style, and share those creations with other people in an increasingly online world. Klosette is a perfect expansion and outlet for that. I am so proud to be able to offer people a platform to experiment with fashion and design as part of a community of like-minded creators.”

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