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Kellogg’s launches Froot Loops Fashion with AwayToMars

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



UK-based fashion brand AwayToMars has unveiled a 10-piece collaboration with breakfast giant Kellogg’s inspired by its Froot Loops cereal.

The ‘Whatever Froots Your Loops’ capsule collection has been “created for fans, by fans” and is filled with wardrobe essentials in the Froot Loops colour palette, including a colour blocking bomber jacket inspired by Toucan Sam to sneaker’s featuring purple Wild Berry stars.

The 10-piece unisex, limited-edition collection has been co-created by nearly 700 designers from the AwayToMars’ community, which began earlier this year when the UK brand asked for colourful submissions based on the iconic Froot Loop colours across various categories including hats, jackets, tops, shirts, dresses and shoes.

The AwayToMars community “concepted, developed and finessed each design,” before the company created a prototype and manufactured the final pieces which make up the final limited edition collection, said both brands in a press release.

"So many of us have memories associated with colourful bites of Froot Loops, and through the power of our co-creation community, we quickly expanded our designs beyond the cereal's bright red box," said Alfredo Orobio, AwayToMars founder in a statement. "Together, we found a way to infuse the fun, playful spirit of Froot Loops and tie the capsule to the full AwayToMars Spring/Summer 19 collection, which is inspired by the visuals of early 20th-century silent movies."

Highlights of the AwayToMars x Froot Loops collection include a colourful wrap dress, a T-shirts featuring Froot Loops and graphic stripes, bold track suit bottoms and bright socks.

The collection will be unveiled at a trunk show at the Kellogg’s cafe in New York this week, ahead of its official debut in Paris on September 27. The collection retails from 30 to 185 US dollars and will be available from the AwayToMars website and Kellogg’s NYC cafe.

AwayToMars is a co-created fashion brand that has just entered the US market and believes “ideas supersede hierarchy and inspiration can come from anywhere” and it is hoping to pioneer the movement of co-creation, crowdfunding and profit-sharing in fashion. On the brand’s website it says that every piece starts with an idea that is posted on its co-creation forum, where it says that the “good ones get noticed, discussed, developed”.

Images: courtesy of Kellogg’s

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