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Kering advocates for regenerative agriculture in supply chain

By Robyn Turk


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Kering is working towards advancing its sustainable measures. The global luxury group, which encompasses brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, has become a frontier founder in a new initiative facilitated by charitable ecological organization, The Savory Institute.

This new collaboration is centered around the goal to expand regenerative agriculture measures within the fashion industry and its supply chains. Called Savory’s Land to Market, the program aims to improve the industry’s impact on the global environment.

“The fashion industry and its supply chains are directly linked to the degradation of soil, conversion of natural ecosystems and biodiversity loss,” a statement published on Kering’s website reads. The statement explains that the use of agricultural raw materials, the apparel industry has increased these negative ecological impacts, and the advancement of regenerative agriculture is the way to change this system.

“Regenerative agriculture is a multi-benefit solution which supports Kering’s sustainability ambitions to mitigate our environmental impacts and deliver positive outcomes along our supply chain,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering’s chief sustainability officer in a statement. “We are proud to collaborate with Savory to pioneer innovative and nature-based solutions in fashion as part of our broader commitment to contribute to solving our industry’s global challenges around biodiversity and climate change.”

Savory’s Land to Market program advocates verified regenerative sourcing solutions through identifying and developing an improved network of farms that demonstrate positive ecological outcomes. Kering brands will be able to access these farms in their supply chains.

The expansion of the regenerative agriculture framework is a means to reverse the environmental degradation, through restoring healthy soil to the earth. The use of regenerative raw materials is one of three key factors to creating a circular economy in the apparel industry.