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Kering extends 14-week parental leave to men and partners

By Huw Hughes


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Kering will provide a minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity, paternity, adoption or partner leave on full pay for all its employees from the beginning of next year.

Since January 2017, 14 weeks of maternity or adoption leave on full pay has been provided to the group’s female employees, while five days of leave on full pay was provided for paternity and partner leave. Now Kering is extending its paternity and partner leave to 14 weeks.

Kering’s Parental Policy will be applicable during the six months following birth or adoption, irrespective of the employee’s personal circumstances or geographic location, the company announced, and is part of its commitment to equality in the workplace, well-being at work and work-life balance.

Women at Kering currently account for around 63 percent of its employees, 51 percent of group leadership roles, 31 percent of the Kering executive committee and 60 percent of its board of directors.

“At Kering, we are fully committed to diversity and equality for our people, and Baby Leave is a new and important step forward to levelling the playing field. With this policy, we are proud to support every new parent, whatever their personal circumstances, and wherever they live,” Béatrice Lazat, chief people officer at Kering (pictured), said in a statement.

“By harmonizing these benefits for fathers and partners, not only are we giving everyone the same rights – with both parents now being entitled to the same parenting time at home – but we are also supporting women in their career - given that men and women are now equally likely to take extended leave.

Our purpose is simple: to build a supportive and inclusive working environment for our employees around the globe. We want Kering to be an employer of choice.”

Photo: Béatrice Lazat, courtesy of Kering