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Khaite collaborates with Elhanati on a fine jewellery collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

22 Feb 2022


Image: Elhanati x Khaite

Minimalist womenswear brand Khaite has launched a fine jewellery collection in collaboration with Elhanati that blurs the boundaries between utility and adornment.

The collaborative collection marks Khaite’s first foray into jewellery and features six limited-edition pieces including two belts, a barrette with four bezel-set square black spinels, and a pair of earrings.

There are also two brooches, one with four bezel-set square black spinels and 14 gypsy-set round emeralds, the other with four bezel-set square black spinels and 29 gypsy-set round emeralds.

“Khaite is a brand built on contrasts, continuously playing with and rebalancing opposing elements to create new ways of seeing, feeling, and dressing,” said Catherine (Cate) Holstein, founder and creative director of Khaite in a statement. “I recognised a similar approach in Elhanati, which merges modern Scandinavian restraint with the ancient mystique of the Middle East.”

Each of the Art Deco-inspired pieces has been crafted by hand in Elhanati’s Copenhagen atelier made of 24-karat-gold-coated silver, except the belt buckles, which are made of 24-karat-gold-coated bronze and joined to straps of black lambskin from a renowned Italian tannery.

Commenting on the collaboration, Elhanati founder Orit Elhanati added: “I love the shapes of Khaite, with a minimalistic expression where handcraft cannot hide. It shines through everything Cate does.

“The sculptural way of working fascinates me, and whether applied to fashion or jewellery, it has a beautifying effect on the wearer—a tribute to the woman and to womanhood. Our commitment to craftsmanship is just as closely aligned.”

The Elhanati x Khaite collection is available on both brands’ websites.