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Kirin launches exclusive capsule with Farfetch

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Kirin x Farfetch

Streetwear label Kirin has released a capsule collection exclusive to Farfetch, in the form of genderless, inclusive garments inspired by founder, Peggy Gou’s Korean heritage.

In fact, the influence of Gou’s culture and personal experiences are the foundation of the collection, with a particular focus on the role of women in global history as curators. This inspiration is shown through the selection of vibrant designs in the capsule, with colourful prints and modern silhouettes intended to encourage the wearer to express themselves and their story.

Ultimately, the collection looks to be a “one that celebrates our modern age of acceptance and freedom for all persons”, illustrated in Gou’s “unity, collaboration and relation” ideals.

Large carry-all bags, casual tees and denim sets make up a portion of the line, aimed at appealing to “non-conforming dressers”, as described in the press release.

In reference to Gou’s focus on female empowerment, figures of humans are displayed throughout, including a ‘Dancing Women’ denim and knit set and a ‘Women Profile’ collection, consisting of trousers, tops, shorts and a robe. An additional line, ‘Sound Wave’, is also included, referencing Gou’s career, depicted in patterns inspired by sound vibrations reflecting the designer’s connection to music.

The line is exclusively available through Farfetch’s website.