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Kirsty Green launches BabyChum collection at Asda

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Kirsty Green x BabyChum

Instagram influencer and mother Kirsty Green has released her popular BabyChum collection in collaboration with Asda, now available through the retailer’s online store.

The launch is part of Asda’s ongoing strategy to attract younger shoppers to its apparel line George, launching a series of in-demand third-party brands in-store and online. Most recently, it has partnered with trend-led retailer Miss Guided, as well as In The Style and Wrangler, on past collaborations.

Fans of the influencer are able to get their hands on the collection’s second drop for autumn/winter, including children’s knitted jumpers, ribbed leggings, tracksuits and accessories.

Image: Kirsty Green x BabyChum

Initially, Green’s collection launched in collaboration with BabyChum back in July, with much of the line selling out closely after its release.

“This has been such an amazing development for our brand, to be given the opportunity to reach a wider audience and to get our collections in front of more people through Asda is just incredible,” said co-founder of BabyChum, Laura Boswell, in a statement.

She continued: “Our partnership with Asda is really exciting for the brand and will give BabyChum fantastic levels of exposure and greater reach with our customers.”

Image: Kirsty Green x BabyChum
George by Asda