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LA gets its first Vegan Fashion Week next month

By Robyn Turk


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The busy fashion month itinerary keeps getting busier--and now more humane. A four-day Vegan Fashion Week is set to debut in Los Angeles on February 1 this year, just before the start of New York Fashion Week on February 4.

LA's Vegan Fashion week is the brainchild of Emmanuelle Rienda, the French animal rights advocate and founder of creative agency Le Frenchlab. Rienda's goal with the new fashion week is to work to end animal exploitation within the apparel industry. To do this, Vegan Fashion Week is a celebration of vegan brands and designers, whose work will be shown to promote their measure while educating others on ethical, social and environmental issues within the industry.

Vegan Fashion Week events will take place in the city's Museum of Natural History and the California Market Center.

“I want to ignite conversations and debates within the industry by educating, elevating and drawing connections between our most important values: our respect for human life, animal rights, and the environment,” Rienda told VegNews.

Rienda also hopes to make Vegan Fashion Week a global event, with plans to bring its scheduling to more cities in coming seasons.

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