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Lacoste unveils Daniil Medvedev's signature logo

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Lacoste; Daniil Medvedev

French fashion and sportswear label Lacoste has unveiled a new signature logo for tennis star and ambassador Daniil Medvedev.

The logo was launched in celebration of the Russian tennis player’s first Grand Slam victory in 2021 and a world number 1 ranking last season and has been designed to characterise Medvedev’s personality on and off the court, drawing inspiration from the codes of gaming and tennis.

Image: Lacoste; Daniil Medvedev Logo

The design was unveiled at the first tennis tournaments of 2023 in Australia, where Medvedev is sporting a dedicated co-branded collection, including a polo shirt, T-shirt and cap.

Commenting on the new logo, Medvedev said in a statement: “This new logo on this dedicated collection is a real pride for me. It's the first time a partner has offered it to me! It was a real team effort with the Lacoste creative studio. It perfectly reflects all my passions: tennis with the circle, for example, which evokes the tennis ball and gaming.

“I hope that this personalised logo on my clothing line will bring me success for the 2023 season. It will also be an extra pressure, but I really have the ambition to deliver a better tennis this season with this new customised silhouette.”

The Daniil Medvedev co-branded collection will be available at Lacoste.com and in Lacoste boutiques from January 15.

Image: Lacoste; Daniil Medvedev
Image: Lacoste; Daniil Medvedev Logo