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‘Lady Dior as Seen By’ exhibit opens in Berlin

By Alsha Coppolina

11 Jun 2021


Lady Dior, Facebook

The traveling exhibition ‘Lady Dior as Seen By’ will open in Berlin on June 12. The display has already been to Shanghai, Düsseldorf, Milan, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo.

‘Lady Dior as Seen By’ showcases artistic interpretations of the iconic handbag, that first appeared on the arm of Lady Diana. The exhibit will feature a number of sculptures and photographs from around the world, depicting the accessory. In the German capital, new visuals will be on display by Debora Mittelstaedt, Michael Sailstorfer, and Tomislav Topic.

The Michael Fuchs Gallery will host the exhibit until June 27, paying tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for the arts.