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Lauchmetrics from Fashion GPS to use social media influencers marketing

By Sara Ehlers

29 Jan 2016


Los Angeles - Instead of using the traditional route of advertising, two fashion companies have decided to merge to compete in an influencer marketing driven world. Technology provider Fashion GPS recently just collaborated with Paris-based company Augure to create a new global flagship company entitled Launchmetrics. The two, specializing in both marketing influencer software as well as technology have created a new corporate identity in order to bring both of their brands to new levels.

The new project brings in a wider audience for both companies. Together Fashion GPS and Augure power 1,700 brands and agencies in over 70 countries. The idea is to create a new company that can focus on product offering into the marketplace while also bringing long-lasting exposure through influencers. “The fashion industry as a whole is questioning the traditional ways to launch collections to the media, retailers and ultimately the consumer and timing of when these introductions should be made,” said Eddie Mullon, former chief executive officer of Fashion GPS and current president of Launchmetrics. The way of business in the fashion industry is changing and Launchmetrics embraces those alterations.

Launchmetrics centers on fashion and luxury with digital marketing insights

Also Launchmetrics focuses on how consumers are highly influenced by social media. “Consumer sentiment changes quickly and product lifecycles are becoming increasingly shorter, with social media credited to sway consumers,” said Mullen. By bringing together two powerhouses in the industry, Launchmetrics can focus on streamlining launches for both brands in the fashion industry. The company will elevate Fashion GPS’s platform by using Augure’s advanced media data and insights technology. This will allow for their brands and agencies to benefit from a more inclusive plan to executive their launching strategies.

Launchmetrics plans to help brands indentify their social media influencers from insights. Additionally, the new corporate identity will leverage various digital solutions for their product launches and help streamline the process. The overall goal for the company is to amplify, measure, and succeed in all launch-to-market efforts. The company’s growth plan for 2016 includes also incorporating GPS Radar, a community of journalists, fashion bloggers, editors, and celebrities. This will allow the company to bring a strong connection with brands through their expansive community.

Both companies bring a unique aspect to the company. Fashion GPS, since its establishment in 2006, has designed various solutions for connecting and networking in the global fashion industry. Some of Fashion GPS’s creations include GPS Samples, GPS Events, GPS Radar, and GPS Styles 2.0. According to a statement released by Fashion GPS, over 90 percent of New York Fashion Week shows use the company. Also, 250 of the world’s top brands are powered by the company.

Augure was created in Paris in 2010. The company has partnered with elite research labs such as INRIA to provide clients with the most efficient information for social influencer marketing. The company closed a new round of 16 million dollars last March. Currently, Augure has over 1,000 brands that use the company for marketing and engagement strategies.

Photo: Flickr