Levi's gives a sneak peak behind-the-scenes with innovation denim lab

Iconic denim brand Levi’s just officially launched a new online experience. Bringing the Eureka Innovation Lab 360° Experience to life, the virtual experience allows customers to see how their denim is actually being made.

The lab serves as a small factory that lets consumers see how Levi’s denim is manufactured including sewing applications, washes, tailoring, and more. Established in San Francisco in 2013, the virtual viewing allows people to see the behind-the-scenes of the factory. The lab is “dedicated to design, research and creative development,” according to Levi’s website. The experience will allow for consumers to take a virtual tour throughout the innovation facility. The brand experiments with finishing, fabric, and fit; where people will now be able to see how the creative space in which these jeans are made. “I think we realized when we built Eureka a few years ago, we had an opportunity to define the future,” said Bart Sights, VP of Technical Innovation.

The tour will show off various machines and processes that are used in the lab to create the most functional and innovative jeans. Throughout the exploration of the lab, customers can find out exactly how the jeans they’re buying are made and how their products are being handled. The experience also highlights the stories of people behind the Levi’s brand and the creative journey in how a collection is made.

Levi's launches Eureka Innovation Lab 360° Experience

According to Sportswear International, the lab's main function is to help with innovative development of denim. While sales isn't necessarily a direct, driving reason for the online experience, the lab allows for a meaningful and creative space for customers to understand and respect the brand. Ultimately, "Eureka is critical to our business and involve din key parts of our product design and development processes," Sights told the publication in an interview.

With a team of approximately 30 people or more, the lab is made up of craftspeople and seamstresses. The experience will also allow for viewers to click on hotspots that reveal insights into the craftsmanship of the product. “From industrial-sized washing machines to a laser machine to inflatable legs that jeans are fitted onto so they can be sanded for the perfect wear patterns, you can see it all as you explore the lab,” the website states of the 360° Experience.

The experience also lets customers view the latest product launches including the Levi’s new 501 Skinny. The collection is also shoppable where consumers can simultaneously interact with the virtual experience as well. The Eureka lab is currently available for any customers to view through the Levi's website.

Photo: Levi’s


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