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Levi’s pairs with Jean Stories for high-end capsule collection

By Sara Ehlers

23 Oct 2015


Los Angeles - Levi’s, premium clothing brand all about denim, just recently teamed up with a similarly denim-obsessed website. Website Jean Stories paired with Levi Strauss & Co. to create a high-end denim collaboration.

The capsule collection entitled “Levi’s x Jean Stories Collection” totals 100 pieces that are available through the Levi’s e-commerce site. The collection became available on Wednesday, October 21. Together, the two released the fall collection introduced their favorite 700 Series fit. The limited-edition collection was a partnership between the e-commerce and editorial sites. Florence Kane and Jane Bishop, the dynamic pair behind Jean Stories, used their love and passion for denim (shown throughout their website) to help bring in a unique take on the collection. “It was really fun to work on their spin and take on our new 700 series for women,” Karyn Hillman, chief product officer of Levi’s, told WWD.

Levi Strauss & Co. launches limited edition collection with classic styles

The two brought distinctly creative concepts for the limited-edition collab. In reminiscing with her own favorite pair of jeans, Bishop brought her “beloved pair of 517s, a staple of her wardrobe since age 19,” according to Vogue.com. The pair had to be rehashed and reworked due to zipper and pocket repairs. “They’re like a living, breathing organism,” Bishop told Vogue.com. From that quip, the pair became reinvented into the 721 Skinny High-Rise fit. Unlike Bishop, Kane didn’t dig up an old pair of Levi’s. Instead, her contribution on personal style came from her need to have a clean, “slightly distressed” pair of denim. According to Vogue, the result was the lower-rise dark-wash 711 Skinny fit jeans.

The inspirations for the line came behind a love of jeans, so the collection is a full interpretation of that. Each pair is handmade at the San Francisco-based Levi’s lab within a 24-hour period. Each specific pair is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. In total, the capsule collection will only release 100 pairs due to craftsmanship demands. Of the 100, the two styles will be made up (50 of each pair). The collection retails for 250 dollars and is currently available through Levi’s e-commerce site.

Florence Kane and Jane Bishop of Jean Stories for collection with Levi’s

However, this isn’t Levi’s first collaboration of the year. Besides reinventing vintage, classic styles, Levi’s has paired with other companies to establish a route in sustainability. In September, the brand joined with start-up Red/Dun to pay royalties for Levi’s secondhand garments. The brand, launched last year, is known for their sustainable, vintage denim. Together, the two came up with way to reconstruct their denim in an eco-friendly way. Also, earlier this summer, Levi’s also announced their new recycling clothes initiative. Paving the way for their green footprint, the campaign announced that Levi Strauss & Co. stores or outlets would take in clean, dry garments in exchange for a discount. Since then, the collaboration with Jean Stories has been the brand’s first action in releasing a new collection.

Levi’s has been established as a company since 1853. As inventors of the first original, blue jeans, the company is known for their high-quality staple product. In addition to jeans, the company offers khaki pants, apparel, and more. Founded by Levi Strauss, the iconic brand became known for its quintessential invention of the American blue jean. The company currently employs more than 17,000 people worldwide and supports brands such as Dockers and Denizen. The company operates over 2,800 stores globally. The company’s revenue was reported in 2013 as 4.68 billion dollars.

Photos: Levi’s

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