Six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has joined forces with Nike to produce a footwear and apparel line for his Livestrong campaign. The cyclist was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 but beat the odds and went on to win yet another gruelling Tour de France.

Last year the Lance Armstrong Foundation managed to raise $50 million through the sale of 50 million yellow wristbands. Now Armstrong is diversifying into fashion.

The 10/2 Collection from Nike is a lifestyle and performance product line, inspired by Lance's joie de vivre. It looks to both his driven side and his casual side and naturally, yellow is the colour of choice. For him it symbolizes hope and of course it is the colour of the jersey he wore to win the Tour de France six times. Each product therefore features a yellow band.

Last weekend stores in the US like NikeTown, Nordstroms, Finish Line and specialty cycling shops. The line is also available at and .


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