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London College of Fashion hosts exhibition for London Craft Week 2022

By Andrea Byrne


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Image: London College of Fashion, Facebook

The London College of Fashion (LCF) has set up an exhibition of accessories, fashion artefacts, footwear, jewellery and tailoring for London Craft Week 2022.

The garments have been curated by alumni, staff and students from the following LCF bachelors: bespoke tailoring, fashion jewellery, cordwainers footwear: product design and innovation and cordwainers fashion bags and accessories: product design and innovation.

Additionally, LCF’s master alumni, staff and students in fashion artefact and footwear helped to select the body of work to help visitors explore the past, present and future of craft in the fashion industry.

Rob Philips, creative director at London College of Fashion and curator of LCF x LCW, said in a statement: “Craft and craftwork are, as is all art and design, perceived and practised in multi-faceted ways, and this display features work from across all of London College of Fashion’s renowned craft courses.

“Often, what distinguishes craft is visible in process and production. From the artisanal to the hobbyist, all are valid and valued. LCF x LCW offers visitors the chance to discover unique, personal creations of rarity, refinement and exquisite execution.”

The exhibition will take place at Fashion Space Gallery in London until 31 May.

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