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London College of Fashion introduces Class of 2021 with big Summer Showcase

By Esther Hut

12 Jul 2021


Images: by Ana Blumenkron

London College of Fashion launched their Summer Showcase last week. It was the biggest celebration that the London College of Fashion has ever staged, showcasing both BA and MA level students together for the first time. The Summer Showcase did not only feature work digitally but also allowed audiences to view a selection of work in person at the two-day exhibition at London’s Victoria House Basement.

Among the projects, visitors can see a series of interactive installations with work from the School of Media and Communication, showcasing emerging photographers, stylists, and creative directors. The themes explored by this year’s cohort included activism, change, and radical visions for the future.

Professor Roni Brown, Head of London College of Fashion and Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of the Arts London said: “We are delighted to be launching London College of Fashion’s Class of 2021 with our biggest Summer Showcase. Despite the huge challenges that our graduates have faced over the past 18 months, they continue to show the resilience and creativity, which sets them apart on the world stage. This Summer Showcase is a testament to their commitment. It is also the most ambitious, intimate and immersive experience we’ve ever created for our graduates and provides a real insight into what it’s like to study at London College of Fashion. It’s also an open call to the industry to take a closer look at the world leading talent that we have on offer and to invest in the next generation. They share your optimism for the future and the creative ability to help our economies and communities recover; to inspire a forward thinking industry and one that impacts positively and shapes better lives. We have complete faith in their ability to succeed.”

The college’s School of Fashion Design and Technology, which include design courses from Menswear, Womenswear to Contour and Pattern Cutting, showcased for the first time, where viewers will be virtually surrounded by an array of collections, allowing them to see the work as closely as they would backstage.

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