Anyone who is trying to plan around the hectic schedule of London Fashion Week will have to be patient as delays to the schedule mean designers have not been allocated time slots. The schedule, which is imperative for buyers and press to organise in one of the most chaotic weeks of the season, is currently being re-worked after the British Fashion Council was forced to change the running order. Rumour has it that the late application of Clements Ribeiro to show on schedule meant other designers had to wait for their given slot.

According to last week's Draper's Record, Clements Ribeiro, which went into liquidation in July, is understood to have secured backing to help relaunch the label. This has cased the BFC an extra headache as it struggles to slot the duo on to the calendar. A provisional schedule is normally released a month before the event, but designers did not know their show times last Friday, just over two weeks prior to the start of the event, which takes place from September 18 th to 22 nd . Some had been tentatively advised as to which day their show may take place but were expressly told not to go ahead with confirming bookings or printing show invitations.

A spokeswoman for the BFC stated: "We have 55 designers on the schedule and we are working day and night to give everyone the best slot we can. We are doing all sorts of juggling." Designers are unable to send invitations to buyers and press until they have been allocated a precise slot.


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