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Loro Piana debuts Sesia bag

By Kristopher Fraser


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Loro Piana is taking its shot at releasing an It bag. The brand, which is best known for their luxurious cashmeres, has debuted the Sesia. The bag is named after the valley that houses Loro Piana’s headquarters and the river that crosses through it. The rivers bends inspired the curved shaped of the bag.

In the past, Loro Piana hadn’t placed a heavy emphasis on handbags and treated them as more of a complement to their ready-to-wear, but the Sesia is meant to be a true statement bag. The brand is betting big on the bag, having taken a more attention grabbing approach to their ad campaigns to market it. Fashion photographer David Sims shot The three models featured including Natalia Vodianova, Malika Louback, and actress Tony Liya.

Sesia was in development for two years, and takes 12 days to make. Up to 20 craftsmen could work on a single bag. All production is done in-house, with materials ranging from calf leather or alligator skin.

All lambskin and calfskin used is certified by the Leather Working Group, an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the leather industry. The glue used on the bag is water-based and contains no solvents.

The bag will debut in flagships this weekend at flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Seoul. They will later be available at all 182 Loro Piana stores and on Net-a-Porter.

Image: Loro Piana Facebook Page

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