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Luke 1977 collaborates with Smiley for charity capsule collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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British menswear brand Luke 1977 has collaborated with Smiley on a capsule collection for spring/summer 2020, with 20 percent of sales being donated to the NHS and the mental health charity MIND.

The charity capsule collection blends the lifestyle and musical influence of Luke 1977 with Smiley’s simple message to ‘Take Time To Smile’ with a range of T-shirts, bucket hats and towels featuring colourful Smiley faces.

Prices range from 35 to 40 pounds, with 10 percent of sales to be donated to the NHS and 10 percent of sales to MIND.

Luke 1977 co-founder and designer, Luke Roper, said in a statement: “Music has been at the heart of the brand since its birth, throughout the company, from staff to inspired clothing collaborations. It’s such a great opportunity to give back a collection to the people that helped define and shape Luke, from its modest beginnings as a fashion brand into the lifestyle movement it is today.

“As the nation adjusts their daily lives over the coming months, this uplifting collection will give you something to smile about. With people’s physical and mental health suffering, we aim to support those who are helping others on the front line and behind the scenes as much as we can.”

Michaela Fass, senior vice resident of fashion and accessories, Smiley, added: “Smiley is delighted to partner with Luke for a unique lifestyle collection combining Luke's modern lad influences with Smiley’s music heritage of 50 years.

“There is a fun play on the two Brands’ logos in tees, bucket hats and towels. Graphics are clean with some even a bit rogue, perfectly playing up Luke’s ethos of adding a fashion twist to everyday menswear items.”

As a promotional giveaway, when purchasing two T-shirts customers will get a free Smiley bucket hat, while three T-shirts will get them a free Smiley towel.

Images: courtesy of Luke 1977

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