Lululemon wants to promote mental and physical health. The athleticwear brand has partnered with the United Nations Foundation on an initiative to address the health of UN Humanitarian Aid workers.

The Canada-based brand will commit 1 million U.S. dollars over the next three years to Peace on Purpose, which is an evidence-based program that provides access to self-care tools and resources to UN workers who serve on the front lines of urgent global challenges.

With the new funding commitment from Lululemon, Peace on Purpose will train and equip over 3,000 aid workers and reach 30,000 UN staff over the next three years with resources to promote mental and physical well being.

“Lululemon and the UN Foundation share a commitment to building community and developing collaborative solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues,” Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald said in a statement. “With increasing need for international humanitarian aid and peacekeeping, we want to cultivate the long-lasting benefits of mindfulness tools and sustain support for those whose mission is to serve others.”


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