Luxury brands favour YouTube over Snapchat

London - Digital advertising and social media platforms are on top of the communications list for luxury brands, but it is YouTube, not Snapchat, which is garnering the greatest video audience.

Firstly, YouTube succeeds in importance because of SEO and how people search for information. Snapchat videos are only a few seconds long, and often the stories luxury brands are looking to tell are longer. Luxury brands are complex and teaser videos may not always get the message across.

Despite luxury brands like Burberry, Chanel and Louis Vuitton utilising Snapchat with videos and posts that target millennials, digital marketing experts warn luxury brand marketers not to put all their eggs in the Snapchat basket.

"All brands are monitoring Snapchat, saying Snapchat is the coolest for millennials—it's not true," said Gregory Pouy, CEO of LaMercatique, a New York marketing firm that works with luxury brands like TAG Heuer and Guerlain. "The coolest tool for millennials is YouTube." He also added Instagram and virtual reality are particularly interesting for luxury brands because they're able to create longer and more compelling content.