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Lyst Index names Uniqlo bag the hottest product of 2023 so far

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Image: The Lyst Index

Fashion in 2023 is off to an economical start. In a blurring of the lines between luxury and casual, trend researcher Lyst Index reports this year’s most popular accessory so far isn’t a heritage house purse or it-girl fad bag – it’s a 20 dollar Uniqlo crossbody.

Making its way to the top this quarter after garnering nearly 60 million hits on TikTok, the fast fashion brand’s social media-powered rise resulted in the crossbody swiftly selling out as demand continued to skyrocket.

The bag is a crescent-shaped crossbody that features a minimalist design available in both neutral shades and pops of colour. Though right on the pulse of the fanny pack resurgence trend, the style manages to be simplistic and utilitarian.

The other named pieces include a $625 dollar pair of Rick Owens Kriester sunglasses as well as the viral Big Red Boots from MSCHF. The Uniqlo crossbody is not only the most inexpensive item on this roundup, but in the history of the Lyst Index’s hottest product category.

The Lyst typically highlights runway-ready, high ticket luxury items; demonstrating a shift in mindset around where the most desirable trends spawn from the top or bottom of the fashion industry chain.

The Lyst Index