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M.C.Overalls to launch in Harvey Nichols

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

23 Jul 2018

Contemporary workwear brand, M.C.Overalls, which relaunched just 12 months ago, is to be stocked in the menswear department at Harvey Nichols’ Knightsbridge store from July 23.

It will launch in the department store with its spring/summer 2018 collection of daily staples including polycotton workpants, snap-shirts, coach jackets, reflective jackets and sweats as well as its signature overall, which will be available in a range of colours.

M.C.Overalls, which dates back to 1908, will also showcase its collaborative pieces it is working on with “like-minded partners” including artists and musicians.

James Scroggs, chief executive of M.C.Overalls said in a press release: “In my first years at work in London in the 90’s, I used to spend hours in the fashion palace that is Harvey Nichols – largely window-shopping. It is therefore a huge pleasure to see our new uniform for contemporary workers and earn a place in its hallowed rails.”

M.C.Overalls was originally known as Morris Cooper Overalls, founded by three friends Myer Cooper, Morris Cooper and Louis Maister in 1908. As self-taught tailors at just 15 years old, they began crafting hand embroidered waistcoats.

They went on to open two East London factories making surplus uniforms for the British Army in World War 2, which evolved into artisan clothing, offering denim jackets, trousers and specialist trade overalls that later became known as M.C.Overalls.

M.C.Overalls has also a permanent store on Newburgh Street in London.

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Image: courtesy of M.C.Overalls