Marcel Ostertag keeps it 70s style for New York Fashion Week

German-based fashion designer Marcel Ostertag has returned to New York Fashion Week again with his aesthetic fit for the Berlin party girls and his penchant for sequins. Ostertag's fall/winter 2018 collection was called Opium, and was about the idea of being addicted to fashion, as the designer is a self confessed "addict of fashion" himself. As a result, fabric choice played a more important part in this collection than ever.

Ostertag really focused on the luxe when it came to materials. Silk, cashmere, faux furs, sequins and pearl beaded chiffons were trademarks of his collection. The designer also went a bit more adventurous than he already does by combining different color sequins in a patchwork. "My end customer is a bit eccentric, but she loves fashion," Ostertag said.

Marcel Ostertag keeps it 70s style for New York Fashion Week

Marcel Ostertag inspired by fashion addiction and Yves Saint Laurent for fall/winter 2018

The design process was no easy task for him either. Ostertag sketched close to 60 looks before he edited down to less than half for this season's collection. After that, he ordered 2000 fabric swatches to choose from before selecting the twenty best qualities. According to Ostertag, his greatest challenge was finding the right sequins.

"The sequins have to last, because my collection stands for sustainability," Ostertag said. "It also has to still be modern, young and fresh. I'm still inspired by 70s, so that vibe is still going too."

Marcel Ostertag keeps it 70s style for New York Fashion Week

Fall/Winter 2018 originally began as an exploration of Yves Saint Laurent ) in the ‘70’s, as Ostertag came across an editorial in a vintage magazine store. This season, the designer also brought on new elements to his collection like ribbons and workwear detailing.

The one thing Ostertag prides himself in above all else is sustainability, and it was never just a trend for him. "I've been working sustainably since I did my first line in 2006," Ostertag said. "I know all my tailors, and I do my own quality controls."

Sustainability, blissful partying and celebratory indulgence came together for the party girl mixed with workwear collection. The fashion addicts are sure to get their fix with this line.

photos: Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

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